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Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

Updated: 5 days ago

Did you ever wonder if your garage door could be virtually silent, instead of the loud mechanism that wakes you up every time someone enters or leaves?

With a belt drive garage door opener, peaceful sleep comes in the realm of possibility! Ultra-strong, quiet, and sleek - there is a reason they are the most recommended type of garage door opener, particularly if your garage is attached to your home!

Many belt drive garage door openers have a lifetime warranty on the belt, which is reinforced with steel. In the event of a broken torsion spring, a belt is less likely to damage the gear in your garage door opener, saving a costly repair. While belt drive openers are on the pricier side, their advantages far outweigh the potential downside of the cost. Durability, strength, and as silent as a garage door opener can get!

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